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Stock the freezer! This is our largest package for the seasoned beef connoisseurs. This adds up to 85-90 pounds of beef. All cuts are hand cut and dry aged. All are packaged in our sealed plastic packaging that is easy to thaw.

2-Porterhouse steaks that average 18-20oz each

4-T-bone steaks that average 14-16oz each

8- Filet Mignon steaks that average 8oz each

6- Ribeye steaks that average 12-16oz each

6- NY Strip steaks that average 12-14oz each

6- boneless Sirloin steaks that are 14-16oz each

30 lbs ground beef

4- chuck roasts that average 2-3lbs each

2- packs of short ribs that average 2.5 lbs each

2- packs of stew meat that are 1 lb each

5- skirt steaks that are 14-16oz each

1- Brisket that is around 7-10lbs

The Quarter

  • Every cut of beef that comes from Curtis Cattle Company is raised on our farm from birth. Our beef is dry aged for 21 days before being hand cut and USDA packaged in convenient sealed plastic packaging. If you have any questions, please contact us. We love talking to customers.

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