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Curtis Cattle Company

We are a self-sufficient ranch in east central Iowa. We raise red Angus and Hereford cattle humanely. Our herd is rotationally grazed on beautiful pastures that border the Cedar River. 


It starts with genetics. 

At Curtis Cattle Company, we are continuously looking for the genetic combination in cattle that will produce the best quality beef. We are a father and son team with over 80 years of combined cattle breeding experience. Our breeding program is based on the traditional British breeds, Angus and Hereford, with the added qualities of several Continental breeds. Our goal is the finest beef product for our family. And now, we'd like to share this with you and your family. 


Animal health and well-being is vital.

Daily care is the second focus of Curtis Cattle Company. Curtis Jensen says, "a healthy cow is a happy cow who will raise a strong, healthy calf". We aim to minimize the stress of every animal on the ranch. We stick with a year round mineral program to enhance immune response. Appropriate vaccinations are given at the correct time in each animal's life cycle. Fresh bedding is put out, especially in inclement weather. We follow the old adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Only healthy animals are ever sent to harvest from our operation.  

You are what you eat.

The same is true for our cattle. Producing the very best quality beef requires a focus on nutrition. At Curtis Cattle Company, this starts with all natural, non-GMO forages and feedstuffs grown right here on the ranch. All feedstuffs are lab tested. What gets fed is weighed and counted. Cattle respond to quality feed and careful handling. We follow the guidelines established by the NCBA's Beef Quality Assurance Program. Our certification numbers are IA010398 and IA21-68246805. None of our cattle receive any of the hormone-like implant products. We want the best beef that we can produce for our family and yours. 


Why buy beef from Curtis Cattle Company?

Our quality program doesn't stop with producing a prime beef animal. We also focus on getting the animal harvested under optimal conditions. We personally deliver each animal to Nordik Meats in Viroqua, Wisconsin. They butcher and package to our specifications. The beef is USDA inspected before being vacuum packed and flash frozen. We bring the packaged beef back to our farm and store in our freezers until it is put in our customers' hands. We cook a sampling of each animal we harvest to make sure it meets our standard of excellence.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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